About Us

Moving beyond traditional healthcare. 

At Magellan Healthcare, we have a unique vision of integrated, quality care rooted in more than 40 years of combined experience and expertise.  We are turning vision into action by offering an insightful portfolio of broad solutions focused on population health, condition management  and meeting the specific needs of health plans.  Our advanced analytics and powerful systems, robust networks, and clinical expertise support differentiated care delivery, improved provider engagement and flexible reimbursement models.  As a result, we can exceed our clients' goals and improve overall program performance.

  • Currently serving 36.1 million individuals, 1,000 employers and 25 health plans, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and CHIP plans
  • Network of over 80,000 leading providers and facilities
  • Member-centered model coordinates medical, pharmaceutical and behavioral care to accelerate the time to recovery
  • Personalized care pathways to the most appropriate level of treatment
  • Exceptional clinical management informed by robust data analytics
  • Responsive to your needs — use our services on a carve-out basis, or bring us in for a full, in-source solution