About Us

We see the future of healthcare. Because we’re helping to create it.

Magellan has spent almost 50 years leading the wave of change in healthcare. We view its future through three organizing principles:

  • Modernize prior authorization—We believe in appropriate and necessary care delivery. We also understand the burden traditional UM places on providers. That’s why we’ve been partnering with industry experts to automate prior authorization and simplify and streamline authorization requests.
  • Look beyond tests and procedures—By focusing on each member’s unique situation and understanding the whole person, we help ensure optimal care across specialties and interventions throughout a member’s treatment.
  • Transform the delivery system—Our data-driven programs support high-performing network development, creative risk arrangements with providers, and more support for members.

All of our new products and product enhancements support one or more of these principles, bringing new value to our clients, their members and their providers.

If you would like more information about Magellan Healthcare’s solutions, please contact Justin Beck at jcbeck@magellanhealth.com or 314-387-4835.

Crisis Resources

As a leader in mental health and wellness, Magellan Healthcare offers valuable resources for dealing with crisis situations and traumatic events.