Magellan Healthcare COVID-19 Response

Magellan Healthcare COVID-19 Response
Information for our communities, clients, members and providers

Magellan Healthcare COVID-19 Response

Magellan Healthcare continues to monitor developments around novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Below you’ll find information for the general public as well as our clients, members and providers.

COVID-19 and Your Mental Health

Magellan Healthcare presents our video series with Dr. Caroline Carney, chief medical officer, about the different ways COVID-19 can affect your mental health and how to cope. Check back for new videos every few days.

Play COVID-19: Your Mental Health
COVID-19: Your Mental Health
Play COVID-19: Tips for Working from Home
COVID-19: Tips for Working from Home
COVID-19: Your Mental Health
COVID-19: Tips for Working from Home

Magellan Health Offers Support to Individuals and Customers in Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Magellan Healthcare Clinical Guidance on CT as a COVID-19 diagnostic tool

The CDC does not recommend use of CXR or CT to diagnose COVID-19, and the ACR has new guidance.

Is COVID-19 worry keeping you awake?

Magellan Healthcare is offering our RESTORE® program free to U.S. residents experiencing sleep difficulty related to COVID-19.

Client Updates

Read our client, provider and member communications to learn how Magellan Healthcare is ensuring business continuity while keeping our employees safe.

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Important News

Magellan Healthcare wants you to be safe during the COVID-19 outbreak, not just physically, but in other ways. Learn about myths and misinformation around the coronavirus, treatment and prevention.

Addressing Anxiety about COVID-19

Magellan Healthcare’s Behavioral Health experts provide tips that can help manage worry and uncertainty during this unprecedented outbreak. Find helpful information, and check back for regular updates.

Looking for more information about COVID-19?

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