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Digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Magellan Healthcare expands real-world impact of DCBT, while improving member access and engagement.

Proven to work just as well as face-to-face therapy and prescription medicines

More than 50% of Americans will be diagnosed with a mental illness during their lifetime. With the prevalence of these conditions, offering effective treatment options that can make a real difference in people’s lives is crucial.

Magellan Healthcare’s Digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (DCBT) modules are an integral part of our Digital Emotional Wellbeing program for life, mind and body, powered by NeuroFlow. For nearly 30 years, our SAMHSA-endorsed, evidence-based DCBTs have helped improve access to behavioral health services, decrease the need for higher levels of care and address the most common behavioral health conditions.


ComfortAble™ for chronic pain

  • Improves functioning
  • Prevents pain flare-ups
  • Changes unproductive thoughts and behaviors

FearFighter® for anxiety, panic and phobias*

  • Teaches the body’s reaction to anxiety
  • Breaks the cycle of unhelpful thoughts and behaviors


MoodCalmer for depression*

  • Provides depression management tools
  • Changes negative patterns of thinking and behavior
  • Teaches coping strategies and problem-solving skills

RESTORE® for insomnia and other sleep difficulties*

  • Teaches skills, techniques and exercises to improve sleep and sleep quality

Proven Results:

  • 34% reduction in PEG scores
  • 41% reduction in GAD-7 scores
  • 24% reduction in PHQ-9 scores
  • 80% improvement in sleep
  • 72% reduction in substance use

SHADE for alcohol and substance use

  • Teaches skills and techniques to understand addiction
  • Improves mood, relaxation and mindfulness
  • Promotes long-lasting, skill-based changes in behavior

ThinkHeroSM for anxiety-related symptoms (ages 6-12)**


ThinkHero and ThinkWarrior help youth:

  • Engage in situations they avoid
  • Alter unhelpful thoughts
  • Learn to manage anxiety
  • Become self-empowered


ThinkWarriorSM for anxiety-related symptoms (ages 13-17)**

*Available in Spanish online

**Available in the app


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