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Magellan Healthcare Launches eMbrace!

Launch featured in Employee Well-Being & Engagement insert in USA TODAY

Magellan and Gallup® teamed up for an article in Employee Well-Being & Engagement, a USA Today insert, to discuss the importance of measuring employee wellbeing and profile eMbrace, our newest employer solution.

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In your world today, 7 in 10 employees are struggling or suffering in their lives. Most in silence.

10 in 10 of them want to have a thriving life, a resilient mind and a healthy body.

eMbrace a distinctly different promise

Enterprise growth through personalized engagement

eMbrace is Magellan Healthcare’s new science-backed and data-driven employee wellbeing product. Wherever your employees are on the wellbeing continuum (thriving, struggling, suffering), they are offered a personalized, guided and effortless experience to advance the quality of their lives. The experience is dynamic, offering a balance of high-tech and high-touch guidance and resources. We are always here for support.

Like Google Maps, eMbrace dynamically monitors and adjusts based on life’s anticipated or sudden changes. Regardless of where an individual is in their journey, they will always have a clear path to follow. The destination of a life well lived is now within reach for all your employees.

Purposely helping your team thrive makes them more present and engaged to power the growth of your enterprise


A program like no other

The features and benefits of eMbrace combine to create a unique, personal experience for each of your employees. Whether you are looking for a digitally focused solution or one with both virtual and in-person services, there is an eMbrace package to meet your organization’s needs.

A program like no other illustration
Navigating individual and organizational growth is a journey within reach. Join us in eMbracing it.

If you’re interested in learning how eMbrace can drive 40% employee engagement in improving wellbeing, please click on the link below.