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Genetic Testing

Management across the universe of genetic testing

Magellan Healthcare Announces New Collaboration with Concert Genetics to Improve Genetic Testing

Our solution addresses overpayments and waste while driving value for providers, payers and members.

Genetic testing is dynamic, fast-growing and highly complex. Unreliable coding, variable pricing, limited quality assessments and an ever-changing landscape of laboratories and tests result in disproportionate time and effort being spent on management. Errors and overpayments occur frequently, and waste is common. Magellan Healthcare’s comprehensive solution, powered by Concert Genetics, delivers value through pre-payment, post-service claim edits for all genetic tests and prior authorization for tests that are high-cost and have a high potential for misuse.

Key Features
  • Expert-informed medical policies and guidelines—Machine-readable medical policies mapped to categories and domains of testing allow providers and health plan reviewers to easily identify relevant polices for each test.
  • Pre-payment, post-service claim edits—Payment integrity and clinical claim edits provide plans with fundamental controls for improving oversight of genetic and molecular testing laboratories and are applied to low-cost, high-volume tests.
  • Prior authorization—Medical necessity reviews conducted by Magellan specialty-trained staff for tests that are high-cost and have a high potential for misuse maximize program value.
  • Proprietary technology platform—Claim edits and other automation are enabled through a unique, comprehensive platform that links all genetic and molecular tests with policies, codes and prices.

Watch our Webinars

Webinar – Genetic Testing: Access and diagnosis, and direct-to-consumer testing versus clinical testing

In this webinar, Magellan’s Dr. Sajel Kana, board-certified clinical geneticist, and Concert Genetics’ Dr. Gillian Hooker, board-certified genetic counselor and molecular biologist, address the genetic testing landscape, access to genetic testing, and the differences between direct-to-consumer and clinical genetic tests, and answer audience questions. Watch the recording here.

Webinar – Genetic Testing: Effective Management Strategies

In this webinar, Magellan’s Caroline Carney, MD, MSc, FAPM, CPHQ, chief medical officer, and Concert Genetics’ Rob Metcalf, chief executive officer, and Gillian Hooker, PhD, ScM, LCGC, chief scientific officer, discuss problems with this expanding market, management strategies designed to address this complex area of healthcare and Magellan’s genetic testing solution, and answer audience questions. Watch the recording here.

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