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Behavioral Health

Behavioral health services and programs

Specializing in the most complex, costly areas of care, Magellan Healthcare partners with states to manage behavioral health programs. Our innovative care coordination, case and utilization management programs, and vast network of behavioral health clinicians and specialty providers facilitate improved access to cost-effective and quality health care and mental health services while improving quality of life for the members we serve.

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Helping members feel better and live independently

Explore more about our programs and services addressing behavioral health, including substance use disorder treatment, mental health care and integration with physical health.

Care coordination and case management

  • Intensive care coordination for members with serious mental illness (SMI) and comorbid conditions
  • Family-based, value-based care for children and adolescents at risk for hospitalization or out-of-home placement
  • Targeted case management for homeless individuals with SMI
  • Integrated case management through our Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Team for individuals with developmental disabilities

Our team provides the compassionate extra support individuals need to overcome significant behavioral health and life challenges.

Did you know?

Through the Homeless Outreach Positive Engagement intensive case management program, Magellan has helped 81% of members obtain housing and 61% reduce their number of hospital days.1

Substance use disorder treatment

Magellan is committed to the fight against the opioid epidemic and other substance use disorders (SUDs) affecting far too many of our family members and friends. Through increased access to evidence-based treatment options and effective preventive measures, we are making it easier for members to recover and stay out of hospitals. Our innovative approach includes:

  • Digital cognitive behavioral therapy supporting increased screening and online treatment for pain management, substance use, substance abuse, depression, anxiety and insomnia
  • Increased access to medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Peer support and recovery and resiliency services focusing on members’ development and achievement of health and wellness goals, and connection to community resources

These programs not only address the symptoms of addiction; they also address the causes. We are committed to reducing stigma so no one is afraid to ask for help.

Measured Success

The 60-day inpatient readmission rate in Pennsylvania was nearly cut in half, from 21% to 11%, for members utilizing MAT at discharge versus those who were not.2

Integrated behavioral and physical health

Magellan understands the importance of integrating care for members with SMI and physical comorbidities. With the backing of fully integrated health plans, and a wealth of experience collaboratively managing and coordinating care with physical health plan partners (including primary care physicians), we have the resources and expertise to achieve improved outcomes through:

  • Nurse navigation and Wellness Recovery Teams focused on improved physical, and behavioral health, as well as the social determinants of health
  • Coordinated, specialized plans of care
  • Communication campaigns and resources, providing guidance for members and providers in a variety of convenient formats
  • Internal policies and procedures to reinforce coordination throughout the behavioral health care management process
  • Mutual cooperation and coordination agreements to share clinically relevant information

The linkages between physical and behavioral health are real. Magellan steps in for our members to help prevent and address the risks of one affecting the other.

A Winning Combination

From 2015 to 2017, our programs contributed to a 26% increase in members who were asked by their behavioral health providers to authorize communication with their PCP providers.3

“Working with HealthConnections, the team helped get me to a place of not having fear, not having pain, exercising and doing yoga. We really moved forward together.”

-Magellan Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania (HealthConnections) member

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2 Magellan Pennsylvania provider data, July 2017-June 2018
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