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Magellan Healthcare Telehealth

Telehealth has expanded considerably and is proving to be a top choice of people who need behavioral health services. Magellan Healthcare has maintained a telehealth network for behavioral health since 2014, benefiting both members and providers.

Magellan's Telehealth Solution
Member Benefits
  • EMember Iconnjoy more privacy
  • Have more access to a deep and specialized network
  • Receive treatment before work, after work or on weekends
  • Have more frequent touch points to improve compliance with treatment and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations
  • Avoid travel, lost time from work and weeks of waiting for an appointment

88% of enrolled members prefer telehealth over traditional in-person care.

How To Use Telehealth

Watch our video, Telehealth: Get Care and Treatment Wherever You Are, to learn how to meet with a provider virtually.

Provider Benefits
  • Reach out to members in remote areas or where specialties are neededClinical Excellence
  • Provide care to homebound members
  • Provide behavioral health services from home, office or while traveling
  • Reduce no-shows and cancellation
  • Offer additional and/or non-standard appointment times
  • Expand the patient base and improve relationships with existing patients
Interested in learning more?

Contact us to learn how Magellan Healthcare’s Telehealth Solution can improve access to mental health services and provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional doctor visits, urgent care and the emergency room.