Advanced Imaging

Magellan Healthcare Specialty Trends 2022

Our clinical leaders are dedicated to sharing knowledge and keeping you informed. Magellan Healthcare Specialty Trends 2022 summarizes their latest findings in the areas of radiology, cardiology, interventional pain management, orthopedics, spine surgery, physical therapy and radiation oncology.

Magellan’s Advanced Imaging Solution provides:

Comprehensive Scope

Offers prior authorization of MRI, CT, and PET modalities, as well as certain primary imaging procedures such as vascular and general ultrasound.

Advanced Analytics

Leverages advanced clinical analytics to identify quality and savings opportunities based on provider practice pattern variation, utilization, and cost trends.

Provider Focus

Educates providers and members regarding radiation safety to reduce non-contributory imaging utilization.

Network Strategies

Reduces unit costs through our freestanding imaging facility network, focused network strategies, and/or privileging the Health Plan network.

Concierge Services

Provides concierge support for providers and members in selecting quality, cost-effective imaging facilities.

Advanced Imaging Solution
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