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inforMED Pharmacy Program

In 2020, the U.S. spent $348 billion on prescription drugs. Without the right solutions, these costs are projected to rise 63% by 2030.

Combat this increase with Magellan Healthcare’s inforMED. Through academic detailing, our specialty-trained pharmacists work with providers to understand prescribing trends and consult on best practices, resulting in lower costs and better outcomes.

inforMED reduces:

  • Pharmacy spend with a 2:1 ROI
  • BH Rx spend up to 25%
  • Gaps in care up to 40%
  • Atypical antipsychotic spend up to 10%

How it works


  • Evidence-based algorithms—Advanced algorithms process pharmacy, medical and lab claims to analyze prescribing patterns and stratify interventions.
  • Personalized clinical outreach—Residency-trained, board-certified specialty pharmacists educate providers and assist them with clinically appropriate prescribing and managing adherence.
  • Comprehensive outcomes reporting—Dedicated analytics team provides expert insights into activity tracking, prescribing patterns, and medical and pharmacy savings.

Health Plan Benefits

  • Improved member care and satisfaction
  • Closed care gaps
  • Higher quality scores
  • Increased provider satisfaction and performance
  • Reduced cost of care

Provider Benefits

  • Specialized support in delivering evidence-based care
  • Increased knowledge of medications and effectiveness
  • Help understanding medication needs for complex conditions
  • Improved patient adherence and satisfaction
  • Lowered risk when treating comorbid conditions
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