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Behavioral Health Outcomes

Through our innovative, person-centered programs and services, we consistently achieve positive results to improve care and lower costs. We celebrate the successful outcomes we help to achieve for members, clients and providers; discover just a few of them on this page.

Improved member health

Over the average length of enrollment in Magellan’s Coordinated System of Care (CSoC) program, 72% of the children and youth discharged demonstrated improvements in clinical functioning, 94% of guardians reported that CSoC is effective at meeting their child’s needs, and 95% of youth and families reported positive overall satisfaction with the wraparound process.

Through Magellan’s Integrated Care Program, 75% of members improved their anxiety symptoms, 73% improved their depressive symptoms, 68% improved their insomnia symptoms, and 57% improved their pain symptoms with support from their wellness recovery teams and nurse navigators, from January 2018 – March 2020.

Utilization management


Over the past 5 years, not a single child or youth in a Magellan fee-for-service care coordination program has been readmitted to an inpatient psychiatric level of care within 30 days of being discharged.


Magellan reduced monthly inpatient utilization by 68% for members served in a behavioral health program with the Enhanced Community-Based Intensive Treatment model, which facilitates team-delivered & integrated care. Members who complete the program continue to experience improvements. In the 6 months following discharge: Monthly inpatient admissions decreased 83%; and members’ rate of monthly spending on behavioral health decreased 68%.

Member and client satisfaction


“I think [Magellan Healthcare is] doing a great job with helping me, and my recovery is going smoothly. I wouldn’t change anything.” – Magellan Healthcare Behavioral Health program member testimonial.


“Magellan’s unique approach to managing services encompasses distinctive methodology that far exceeds contractual obligations.” – Current Magellan Medicaid customer


Access to care

98% of providers in a Magellan Behavioral Health Program reported they can see a patient for an outpatient appointment for an urgent condition, on average, in 6 hours.



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