Welcome to Magellan Healthcare of Idaho

Magellan Healthcare is pleased to work with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW), and other agencies, to advance mental health, substance use disorder and youth services in 2024. The new Idaho Behavioral Health Plan (IBHP) will transform and improve Idaho’s behavioral healthcare system by coordinating behavioral health benefits for Medicaid members and Idaho residents.

Read the latest press release from the IDHW reinforcing the July 1, 2024, service start date and the services being managed.

We're hiring!

Want an exciting new career opportunity to improve mental health for Idahoans? These positions will serve as key leaders and team members supporting the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

Why are we referring to the IBHP as new?

The IBHP is the framework for how behavioral health services for conditions such as mental health and substance use disorders are administered in Idaho. In the new IBHP, Magellan Healthcare will manage behavioral health services for the Divisions of Behavioral Health and Medicaid. Magellan will also manage the provider network for the Department of Juvenile Corrections. We will oversee behavioral health services for Idahoans who don’t have health insurance as well as those who have Medicaid or other types of insurance.

Nothing is changing right now.

Whether you are a provider or recipient of services, you will continue working with Optum and the IBHP as you always have until you hear more from Magellan.

What to know

Idaho state agencies, community partners, providers and Magellan Healthcare are working together to prepare for implementation of the new IBHP in 2024 and will share more details with the public as we proceed.

Members in Idaho’s current plan will receive a letter from Magellan containing information on what is changing and what that means for members.

Who to contact with questions
  • For eligibility questions, contact the Division of Self-Reliance at 877-456-1233.
  • For general referrals, contact the Idaho CareLine at 2-1-1.
  • For questions about the future Idaho Behavioral Health Plan or other questions, contact IBHP@dhw.idaho.gov to connect with the Idaho Behavioral Health Plan Governance Bureau.
  • Providers may contact Magellan’s Network team at IdahoProvider@MagellanHealth.com.