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When it comes to caring for children with autism, families often struggle to navigate interventions and strategies. Magellan Healthcare’s experts in the care of autism are committed to supporting families by reviewing, curating and approving evidence-based resources and options to help individuals with autism navigate daily life, and empower parents, families and caregivers to support children on their journeys beyond their Magellan health plan benefits.*



AngelSense is an assistive technology for maximum safety, effective remote support and increased independence for individuals with special needs.

Designed to break the cycle of caregiver anxiety that comes with daily safety concerns, AngelSense keeps your child safe and allows your loved one to experience a less restrictive environment, providing you with the tools to help them reach their full potential at home and in the community and effectively cope with safety concerns associated with:

  • Wandering and elopement
  • School and public transportation or commuting
  • Outdoor activities and community engagement
  • Extending independence
  • Bullying and mistreatment
  • Transitions and  changes in routine

Watch this video to learn how AngelSense facilitates continuous monitoring, proactive alerting and remote support.

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Beaming Health makes it easy for families who have children with autism, ADHD, learning differences, anxiety and other developmental concerns to find the best care providers for their children and access resources.

  • Find care: Whether it’s speech therapists, occupational therapists, ABA therapists, sensory-friendly dentists, developmental pediatricians, or 30+ other types of providers, Beaming Health can help you find care providers for developmental differences.
  • Learning center: Read expert-reviewed guides on everything from potty training to individualized education plans.
  • Free screeners: Complete brief, clinically-validated screeners that are widely used by healthcare professionals to learn about your child’s behavior and determine if further evaluation is needed.
  • Child development quiz: Answer questions about your child’s development and Beaming Health will recommend services.

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