Peer support and recovery and resiliency

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Peer support and recovery and resiliency services

Magellan was among the first companies in the managed care field to adopt the evidence-based practice of peer support for members with serious mental illness (SMI) and substance use disorders (SUDs). Our personalized approach and focus on overall health and wellness are what set apart our peer support services, as we improve health outcomes and decrease utilization of costly inpatient care.

Lived experience that’s making a difference

Learn more about the range of innovative peer support services we offer, how we achieve positive results for our members and our efforts to ensure that life-changing support is widely available.

Peer support services

We partner with our clients to create a customized solution, providing members access to the invaluable lived experience of certified peer support specialists. From high-touch in-person services to convenient virtual options, and programs for different stages in the recovery process, we help our members feel better and improve their lives. Our program options encompass:

  • A dedicated, internal workforce of Certified Peer Specialists (CPS)
  • Provider networks and partnerships with community-based, peer-run organizations, including CPS, and Certified Recovery Specialists for SUD
  • Peer bridging programs for members transitioning back to the community from inpatient or crisis settings, and recovery navigation for high-risk members

With many options to meet our members where they are, Magellan is there when extra support is needed.

In 2019, members participating in our certified peer respite program reduced their utilization of inpatient psychiatric care by 40%.1

Our approach to peer support

Our peer specialists live in the same communities as our members and build meaningful relationships through in-person support and connection to helpful resources. The focus of our peer support services is members’ overall health and wellness, so they achieve life-changing recovery from a SMI or SUD, build resiliency and live more independently. Specific program features include:

  • The Peer Support Whole Health and Resiliency (PSWHR) initiative, helping members establish and achieve self-determined whole health goals in 10 health domains
  • Connection to community-based services, supports and resources, addressing the social determinants of health, such as housing, education and financial stability
  • Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP), empowering members to establish manageable goals and the steps to reach those goals, and to develop confidence along the way

We get to know our members on a deeper level, so we can do more to improve their health and life situations.

In a 2016 survey of members receiving CPS services, 98% reported their CPS helps them to, both, improve their quality of life, and feel hopeful about their recovery.2

Expanding access to services and support

Through our training initiatives, we are expanding access to peer support services and improving the capability of peer support specialists to meet the needs of our members. Following are several of the ways:

  • Peer support certification training in compliance with states’ established standards or the Georgia model of peer support
  • PSWHR training, equipping peers to address overall wellness needs of members
  • Magellan’s eLearning Center, featuring the eMpowered for Wellness newsletter, continuing education opportunities, on-demand webinars and many more resources

Magellan is working every day to meet the growing demand for behavioral health services, through an effective mix of both clinical and non-clinical evidence-based practices.

Our network expansion and referral efforts contributed to a 91% increase in voluntary utilization of Certified Recovery Specialists by our members over the first year of the program.3

“My Certified Peer Specialist has helped me to identify goals and accomplish them. My CPS is friendly and supporting. Having a CPS is the best mental health service I have encountered outside of therapy. I am grateful for this service.”

−Magellan Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania member

Magellan’s eLearning Center

Magellan’s eLearning Center offers educational information, videos and professional learning opportunities about peer support, whole health and wellness. We offer these resources free of charge to fit your pace.

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