eMbrace Specialized Solutions

With five generations in the workforce, it can be challenging to offer benefits that appeal to employees with a variety of needs. Learn more about our specialized solutions below.

Advanced Financial Wellbeing

Provides unlimited access to an unbiased Money Coach, a personalized website with financial content and budgeting tool.

Appointment Assist

A concierge service where Magellan does all the work to ensure employees get the care they need, when they need it.

Backup Care

Helps employees secure and pay for care for children, elders, pets or self-care when regular care services fall through.

Breastfeeding Support

24/7 access to lactation consultants for guidance on breastfeeding challenges and concerns.


Employee support includes culturally sensitive, localized and expatriate services in over 200 countries/territories.

ID Protect Pro and Premium*

One-on-one assistance, monitoring and protection technologies to create a true 360° identity security experience anywhere, anytime.

iMclusion, powered by deepSEE Consulting

Develop inclusive and culturally competent organizations based on 20 years of experience in DEI programming. Learn more


A comprehensive legal protection plan that provides families with direct access to qualified attorneys through a dedicated network of provider law firms.

Magellan Autism Connections®

Combines expertise in the care of children diagnosed with autism with targeted efforts to engage and serve caregivers. Learn more

On-Demand Tutoring

24/7 access to professional tutors and educational tools for grades K-12 and college, test prep, self-study tools and more.

On-site Counseling

Removes barriers to care by providing convenient, easy-to-schedule counseling appointments in the workplace.

Specialized Solutions are available for purchase with:

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