eMbrace Behavioral Health

The need for integrated behavioral healthcare in America has never been greater.

20% of adults are experiencing a mental illness.
5% of adults are experiencing a severe mental illness.
~Mental Health America

Magellan’s mission is based on 50 years of experience helping individuals live healthy, vibrant lives. Our whole-health approach to behavioral healthcare, with enhanced care coordination, integrated technology and advanced clinical expertise, improves member health outcomes and reduces healthcare costs.

The value of a carve-out behavioral health benefit

  • Ensure compliance with mental health parity laws.
  • Show your employees your care about their wellbeing with a dedicated behavioral health benefit vs. having it be part of their medical benefits.
  • Reduce the stigma surrounding mental health by promoting behavioral health as a separate benefit.
  • Address a growing need in the workplace.
  • Increase retention and recruitment with a benefit many people value.
  • Save money with early identification and intervention for mental health issues.





  • Addresses needs across the acuity spectrum with specialized pathways for SMI, SUD and suicide prevention
  • Emphasizes prevention and early identification through primary care integration and innovative high-tech, high-touch solutions
  • Provides self-help resources and other early interventions to reduce the need for higher levels of care
  • Combines behavioral health clinical expertise with advanced data analytics and technologies
  • Offers our Magellan Behavioral Health® nationwide network of credentialed providers and health professionals
  • Delivers results that positively impact care, outcomes and cost

Leveraging unmatched expertise and proprietary technology, we’ve built an entirely new system through which we can impact the lives of individuals.

  • Predictive modeling and multi-model stratification identifying undertreated individuals who are more likely to admit and intervene early to change the trajectory of the disease course and reducing the disease burden
  • Multi-dimensional engagement and interactions through digital tools that are personalized and tailored to the individual needs of each patient
  • Organized behavioral health delivery system through our Magellan Behavioral Health® network for enhanced access that simplifies the member and provider experience and demonstrates improved quality and cost outcomes
  • Integrated physical and behavioral collaborative care with joint rounds, medical and behavioral care gap closures and co-located case management
  • Guided identification and treatment within the medical delivery system by finding patients while they are in the primary care environment and referring individuals to evidence-based behavioral health resources



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