Behavioral Health

The need for integrated behavioral healthcare in America has never been greater. The fast pace of life today, combined with 24/7 news, anxiety and a historical increase in negative feelings*, has many of us near the breaking point. At Magellan Healthcare, we recognize the unique challenges of the 21st century. We have been helping people through decades of change, leading the way in providing innovative, impactful behavioral health services, and are uniquely poised to guide you and your members through the next 50 years.

Magellan Healthcare Returns to its Roots!

Behavioral Health: At the Core of Healthy, Vibrant Lives

Magellan’s mission is to help individuals live healthy, vibrant lives. Our whole-health approach to behavioral healthcare allows us to do precisely that, improving member health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs.

Magellan deploys an integrated approach to behavioral health services:

  • Addressing all aspects of wellness along an individual‘s journey, including social determinants of health
  • Emphasizing prevention and early identification of mental health concerns through digital, telephonic and in-person screening
  • Enabling primary care practices to deliver mental health treatment through Collaborative Care Management
  • Providing multidimensional engagement through personalized digital tools and care management, with self-help resources and other early intervention to reduce the need for higher levels of care
  • Applying our behavioral health clinical expertise with centers of excellence for serious mental illness, substance use disorder, eating disorder and Autism
  • Offering our behavioral health network with over 118,000 credentialed providers and mental health professionals available in person, via telehealth and virtually via apps
  • Delivering results that positively impact treatment and outcomes and reduce cost
  • Providing care management support for substance abuse and addiction through discharge to ensure a full recovery in the community

Through enhanced coordination of care, integrated technology and advanced clinical expertise, Magellan helps individuals lead healthier lives, reducing healthcare costs for all types of payers.


Leveraging unmatched expertise, service and proprietary technology, our proactive, care– and recovery-focused solutions have been shown to significantly reduce behavioral healthcare costs by up to 12%.

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