Welcome to Magellan of Nevada

Welcome to the Connect Nevada: Strengthening Youth, Empowering Families program (Connect Nevada). The goal of this program is to help children and young adults stay safely at home/in the community with their friends and families instead of in hospitals, residential treatment centers, or other settings outside of the home. Magellan of Nevada (Magellan) manages this program for the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS).

About Connect Nevada

Connect Nevada is a child/young adult-guided, family-driven, strengths-based approach to mental health services and supports, coordinated across state agencies and providers. Connect Nevada offers

  • Care Coordination: High-Fidelity Wraparound, intensive care coordination, and targeted case management
  • Intensive home-based treatment
  • Emergency and planned respite
  • Family peer support (through Nevada PEP)
  • Youth peer support

Who is Eligible

To be eligible for Connect Nevada services, children and young adults must be ages 3 through 20, have complex mental health needs, and are either

  • At risk of out-of-home placement
  • Placed in a residential treatment facility or other inpatient setting
  • Involved in multiple child-serving systems
  • At risk of custody relinquishment to a state or county agency due to behavioral health needs

Services are available to eligible children/young adults and their families. It does not matter if you have health insurance or what kind of health insurance you have.

How to sign up

Parents and caregivers can refer a child/young adult to be screened for eligibility. Young adults may submit a referral for themselves as well. Others who can refer a child/young adult for screening include mental health professionals, teachers, and counselors. A referral can be made by contacting Magellan in one of these ways:

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Contact us to learn more about Connect Nevada.