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Solutions for state programs

With more than 30 years of experience with Medicaid, child and family services and other human services agencies, Magellan Healthcare understands how to achieve the best possible behavioral health and wellness outcomes, improving the lives of our adult and youth members and their families.

Improving member behavioral health and saving taxpayer dollars

We offer customized solutions and collaborative service for our local, county and state government partners, and we consistently achieve cost savings and high member and client satisfaction.

Behavioral health

Magellan specializes in addressing the most complex, costly areas of behavioral healthcare. Our innovative care coordination, case and utilization management programs, and vast network of behavioral health and specialty providers facilitate improved access to cost-effective and quality care.

Children's services

We manage programs that serve children and youth with complex behavioral health needs, helping them stay in their homes and out of costly and restrictive inpatient care. Our evaluation services ensure children receive care in the appropriate setting, and our Wraparound services coordinate care for youth in treatment facilities, their homes or other community settings.

Peer support and recovery and resiliency

Our peer support services focus on the physical and behavioral health of members with serious mental illness and substance use conditons. Through our community-based approach, peer specialists meet in person with members, guiding them toward recovery, building resiliency, and improving personal health outcomes and overall well-being.

Communities and events

Magellan is woven into the social and economic fabric of the communities where our families live, work and play. We combine this local focus with our national expertise to offer behavioral health solutions that address the distinctive needs of each community.

We manage behavioral health services for more than 750,000 members in Florida, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wyoming.

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Magellan is an active sponsor for events nationwide, and we employ national experts who often present on various topics across the country.

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