Program information

Youth eligibility information

Children, youth and young adults ages 3 through 20 may be eligible for the program if they meet one of the following:

  • They have a mental health diagnosis or show behaviors that suggests a diagnosis may be present
  • They meet clinical standards set by the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) assessment that finds:
    • Behavioral/emotional diagnoses or signs, e.g., rash decisions, worry, depression, challenging behavior, or have a history of trauma.
    • Unsafe behaviors, e.g., self-harm, attacking others, fire setting, threats of harm to self or others.
    • Having a hard time working in different settings at home, school, or in the community.
  • Their parent or caregiver needs help in one or more of the following areas: watching the youth, knowing the youth’s needs, finding the right help and services, and taking care of their own mental health.
  • They are included in many child-serving systems.
  • They have a family or trusted adult who is or will be in charge of their care and is willing to help with care coordination and other services allowed by the family.
  • Enrolled or qualifies for Medicaid, or are under- or uninsured.
  • They are in out-of-home treatment; or at risk of treatment in one of these settings:

Psychiatric hospital

Psychiatric residential treatment facility

Therapeutic (medical) group home

Non-medical group home

Addiction treatment facility


Foster care

Therapeutic foster care

Developmental disability facility

Alternative school

Secure care facility

Homeless, as defined by the McKinney Vento Act

If you think a child or young adult might be eligible for the Connect Nevada program, please call 1-833-396-4310 (TTY 711).

Covered Services

Through a youth-guided, family-driven, strengths-based approach coordinated across child-serving agencies and providers, we will provide access to:

  • High-Fidelity Wraparound and other care coordination services
  • Intensive home-based treatment (IHBT)
  • Emergency and planned respite
  • Family and youth peer support

Find more information about IHBT here.

Assessment and Screening

Submit and manage youth assessments from the Magellan of Nevada Payer Space in Availity Essentials.