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Provider forums

Tune in as Magellan leaders present an introductory provider forum! Learn more about Magellan, the contract award, the Nevada Care Management Entity for delivery of behavioral health services to children, youth, and young adults in Nevada – “Connect Nevada: Strengthening Youth, Empowering Families”– and next steps for providers.

November 2023 Outpatient provider forum webinar recording

Recording (31:46) Passcode: 58.f?y0G

Presentation deck

Upcoming training

Coming soon.

Training attestation

After participating in required online trainings, providers must complete the Provider Training Attestation following each presentation, which will provide Magellan with documentation of provider participation.

Child and Adolescent Needs and Strength (CANS) training certification

If you are a participating provider with Magellan for the Connect Nevada program and are contracted to conduct assessments, you must have a valid CANS certification prior to delivering services.