Children’s Mental Health Program Testimonials

Magellan is proud to be recognized for our work to improve care for members and lower costs for clients. Hear what our partners and members are saying about us on this page.


“Magellan has been an amazingly strong and consistent partner to the agency and the Commonwealth. This partnership has been evident when they worked closely with us to implement new priority programs, often with extremely short note, such as the Governor’s Access Plan (a limited benefit plan for individuals with serious mental illness) and our expansion of coverage for substance use disorder services. Other successes have included reductions in inpatient admissions, emergency room presentations, and improvements to ambulatory follow up after hospitalization.”

-Virginia Medicaid agency

“Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for you. I see other parents in my support groups that don’t have a [Magellan care coordinator]. God truly blessed me when he gave me you. He must have took pity on me knowing what was headed my way. You are the most dedicated professional I have ever come across.”

-Florida member’s parent


“I would say that I am extremely proud of the outcomes that the [Magellan] program has been able to achieve to help youth stay at home, in school and out of trouble.”

-Wyoming Medicaid agency

“[Managed care organization] has found Magellan to be a motivated, collaborative partner in care coordination efforts.”

-Pennsylvania managed care organization


“[Magellan] has been a huge support and help to our family. My [Magellan parent support specialist] listens to my struggles and even models various behavior management skills with me and my child. [She] never judges me for having a bad day or makes me feel guilty for just needing some ‘mom free time.’ I am so thankful for her and [Magellan] <3.”

-Louisiana member's parent

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