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In this month’s issue: Becker’s Payer Issues, Top Strategic Priorities of 15 Health Plan Executives This Year



In this month’s issue: Updated Magellan monograph

Find the award-winning Appropriate Use of Psychotropic Drugs in Children and Adolescents: Important Issues and Evidence-Based Treatments at


In this month’s issue: Forbes Health, How To Deal With Stress At Work, According To Experts, featuring Magellan Healthcare’s Steven Pratt, MD, senior medical director


In this month’s issue: National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), The State of Suicide Today – And Ways to Prevent It, featuring Magellan Healthcare’s Andrew Sassani, MD, vice president, chief medical officer for behavioral health in California


In this month’s issue: Magellan Healthcare white paper

Explore the latest research on children’s behavioral health and Magellan’s innovative services to support children, families and communities here.


In this month’s issue: – Psychology Talk Podcast, Social media and the mental health of your family with Dr. Caroline Carney, MD


In this month’s issue: Magellan Health Insights blog post – 8 signs Social Media is Hurting a Child and 8 Tips to Help


In this month’s issue: Magellan Health Insights blog post – Collaborative Care: The Benefits of Attending to Mind and Body Together


In this month’s issue: Forbes Health, ADHD In Adults: Diagnosis, Treatment And More, featuring Magellan Healthcare’s Dr. Caroline Carney, MD, president and chief medical officer

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