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Magellan Healthcare Launches a New Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Solution for Employers

Transforming Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In an increasingly global world, employees need to be more cross-culturally competent.1 An inclusive workforce ensures a work environment where employees of all backgrounds feel valued for who they are and what they bring to the organization.

Magellan Healthcare’s iMclusion, powered by deepSEE Consulting, is based on 20 years of experience in DEI programming. iMclusion transforms workplaces using a no-blame, no-shame approach to developing inclusive and culturally competent organizations and individuals leading to a more diverse workforce free of bias and discrimination.

How iMclusion works

Recovery-focused approach - Magellan Healthcare

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace goes beyond training, new policies and recruitment. Equitable employers create diverse and inclusive workplaces where employees from different backgrounds can share unique perspectives, respect one another’s needs and reach their full potential without barriers.2 DEI programs foster an environment where, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, socioeconomic status or other differences, employees have an equal opportunity to thrive. This leads to greater workforce diversity and a more inclusive workplace.

The commitment to begin an organization-wide DEI program must be intentional. The payoff is profound: A developmental strategy transforming your organizational culture and productivity. 

Program components include:

  • DEI Readiness Assessment
  • e-Learning Modules and Facilitator-led Discussions
  • DEI Council Establishment and Support
DEI Readiness Assessment
  • Each organization is at a different level of DEI readiness.
  • The Assessment measures their ability to initiate, implement, and maintain a successful DEI program.
  • Readiness results identify potential challenges, mitigation strategies and how to approach the training plan.
e-Learning Modules and Facilitator-Led Discussions
  • In-depth content is presented in a vibrant, entertaining and relevant framework to provide efficient learning with maximum impact.
  • eLearning Modules are self-paced and interactive.
  • Facilitator-led discussions provide learners with deeper engagement and broader insight.
DEI Council Establishment and Support
  • A DEI Council drives cultural change that fosters engagement and productivity.
  • A train-the-trainer toolkit helps establish a DEI Council that helps create accountability for the DEI strategy.
  • Council members benefit from exclusive monthly Q&A webinars with DEI experts and peer companies.

iMclusion accelerates the organizational journey toward a mature, integrated DEI strategy.

Impressive Results

  • DEI work led to 85% of employees agreeing or strongly agreeing that company was a good place to work, a 28% increase from a previous survey. ~National Research Organization
  • Improved diverse talent acquisition rate from 6% to 36%. ~State Transportation Hiring

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