Children’s Mental Health Program Outcomes

Through our innovative, person-centered programs and services, we consistently achieve positive results to improve care for our members and lower costs for our clients. We celebrate the successful outcomes we help to achieve for members, clients and providers; discover just a few of them on this page.


Improved child and youth health and wellbeing

  • 70% improvement in clinical functioning among children discharged from the Magellan program in Wyoming
  • 68% improvement in clinical functioning among children discharged from the Magellan program in Louisiana

Reduced costly and restrictive child and youth inpatient care

  • 95% of children stay in their own homes through our program in Wyoming
  • 90% of children are seen by an outpatient provider within 30 days of discharge from an inpatient hospital through our program in Louisiana
  • 78% reduction in residential treatment facility admissions through our program in Pennsylvania
  • 45% reduction in psychiatric residential placements for children from vulnerable situations through our program in Florida
  • 29% reduction in residential days for children whose families choose to work with a Magellan family support coordinator through our program in Virginia

Increased client cost savings

  • 65% savings to care for children and youth in our Wyoming program vs. inpatient care
  • 57% reduction in child and youth mental health costs through our program in Pennsylvania

Positive parent and guardian satisfaction

  • 95% of caregivers are satisfied with our program in Wyoming
  • 93% of children, youth and families are satisfied with our program in Louisiana
  • 93% of guardians report that our program in Louisiana is effective at meeting their children’s needs
  • 85% of caregivers are more confident about their ability to care for their child or youth at home, following participation in our program in Wyoming

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