Family First Prevention Services Act

The federal government enacted the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) in February 2018. The FFPSA requires that states identify children at risk for foster care placement and provide them and their families with evidence-based treatment and services to help them stay together.

With over 30 years of children’s behavioral health experience, Magellan Healthcare provides a child- and family-centered solution that meets FFPSA requirements. We coordinate services in several states for families with children who have complex behavioral health challenges and are involved in multiple systems across multiple agencies.

Magellan’s solution supports the goals of the FFPSA through provision of intensive care coordination, coordinating substance abuse and mental health services for youth, and training parents and families.

The Magellan Healthcare FFPSA solution

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What we do

  • Identify eligible at-risk youth
  • Develop integrated preventive plan of care
  • Manage and coordinate prevention and substance abuse services
  • Conduct initial and periodic assessments for residential care
  • Continue coordinating services upon congregate care discharge

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How we do it

  • Proven evidence-based model
  • Existing infrastructure adapted to state requirements
  • Centralized coordination across multiple entities, agencies and providers
  • Training and education programs
  • Quality monitoring
  • Technical tools to manage processes and measure outcomes, e.g., CANS dashboard

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  • Redirected 66% of our Florida participants from inpatient to less-restrictive levels of care1
  • Improved clinical functioning in 72% of children discharging from our Louisiana program2
  • Reduced inpatient population to 5% of participants in our Louisiana program2
  • Enabled 95% of youth in our Wyoming program to stay in their own homes3

It is outcomes like these, and the compassionate approach we take in all our programs, that yield high satisfaction among our members and state partners alike. In both program execution and client satisfaction, Magellan leads the way.

Did You Know?

Of the $5.9 billion invested by states in child welfare Title IV-E and Title IV-B services, only 10% is allocated to 2.4 million at-risk children for prevention and permanency services, while the rest is spent on foster care.4 The FFPSA addresses this disparity, providing new funding to strengthen families and keep children safely within their homes with their families.

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1 Magellan Qualified Evaluator Network Annual Summary Report, SFY 2020–2021
2 Louisiana Department of Health Coordinated System of Care Governance Board Directors Report, December 2021
3 Magellan High Fidelity Wraparound Program Status Report, 2020